Youtube Screening Room

I just finished watching the video Youtube set up to introduce their concept of The Screening Room. Basically it’s branded as a place where movie makers can showcase their short movies.


This was released practically 3 years ago and only got 110 000 views, which in Youtube standards is pre-tty poor. What happened there Youtube, the Ultimate Viral Maker or Breaker?

In any case it’s the first I hear of this Screening Room, why did they do such a bad job at promoting it? Man, if I had Moby making a statement, I’d kinda want get my bang for a buck on that commercial.

Was the original intention to compete with at-the-time-fresh-out-of-the-box Vimeo? Was it to claim back its original glory as the tube for freedom? Is it purposefully under the radar to attract a select crowd of viewers and video makers? Especially now that Youtube is putting on advertisements – notably from the LDS church, humpff.

So many questions, so little answers…


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