Map street art online: All City app

I started the year off with not much of a bang, however I was pretty proud of myself for managing to convince 3 generations of loved ones to play charades, and in a family as geeky as mine, that’s a miracle.  However, once the effect of champagne wore off, it didn’t take long for us to be back in front of computers, or, in my case, back with the iphone.   Yet this year, I pledge to take active involvement with the following applications as I think they will rock 2011 for me.   I’ll be sharing this list throughout the next months, and hoping to see some mutual appreciation or understanding on their uses. Or not! disagreeing can after all be the beginning of a better idea.
A map for street art
This one was developed by Semaphore Mobile and seems to have started to map works in Berlin before slowly spreading elsewhere.   Because  street art can be temporary and generally illegal, there’s something a little cocky about mapping these pieces of urban art.

Based on subscriber participation, this app is a work in progress and  still at a stage where you can become your own city’s street art collector and surveyor and yet this  increasingly popular app is now known enough to allow you to wander the street art galleries of Sao Paolo, Paris, Torino or Montreal.
Plus sides of this app:
– a constantly update database of the artists

– find any google link or flickr gallery the artist might have

– picture taking and registering a picture of a piece of street art

– instantly twit or email a piece you like

What’s missing:
– a list of connoisseurs who could tell you who they are tracking

– the app is missing out on the community building potential they have with this baby

In any case, my new year’s resolution for this one is to map out all the Montreal art I find when I’m running errands across town.


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